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    Love Make Up But Hate Taking It Off?

    Save Up To 1 Year On Makeup Wipes and Remover!

    This reusable cloth is equal to 3,600 makeup wipes

    Linde W. Verified Buyer

    5 Stars

    Makeup Remover That Works Even With Mascara

    OMG! these are fantastic. It is hard to find a makeup remover let alone wipes. These really do get all the mascara off and make up easily comes off

    Introducing! One Step Wonder Cloth

    The 100% Chemical-Free, Anti-Bacterial Makeup Remover Cloth 

    • Spa-like microdermabrasion treatment
    • Gently exfoliates your skin and deep cleans your pores
    • Removes make up fast in one step - no need to rinse your face after use
    • Just add water. No more chemicals, soaps or cleansers
    • Anti-microbial to prevent bacteria and odour
    • Reusable up to 1 year and easy to clean. Machine washable
    • Removes eyeliner, mascara, brow gel, Foundation & Eyeshadow
    • Perfect for sensitive skin 

    The Secret is The Positively Charged Looped Fibres that Draws The Dirt Out of Your Skin Like A Magnet!

    The secret is the specially designed loop shaped fibres that reach deep into the pores. Because the loops are positively charge and dirt is negatively charged, the loops act like powerful magnets, lifting dirt and makeup. One Step Wonder Cloth doesn't only clean the surface of the skin but deep cleans and acts like a microdermabrasion treatment, exfoliating to remove dull, dead skin cells, revealing newer, fresher looking skin. 

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee!*

    If you’re not happy with your products for ANY reason, simply send them back to us within 30 days for a full refund less the cost of shipping and processing. *See return policy for details.

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    • Application


    1. Before using, drench in warm water and squeeze out excess.
    2. Gently wipe your face in circular motions with the One Step Wonder Cloth to remove all makeup. Do not rub.
    3. Wash after use with soap or place in the washing machine and allow to dry in a cool, dry place.