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    Q. Where does Thin Lizzy ship to? How much does shipping cost?


    For all shipping details and costs (both international and domestic) click here


    Q. Does Thin Lizzy offer returns and/or exchanges?


    Yes we do, please click here for full details, terms and conditions.


    Q. Are Thin Lizzy products cruelty free?


    YES! All Thin Lizzy products are 100% cruelty free, we will never hurt any fur babies!


    Q. I ordered the wrong shade of foundation online - what now?


    We understand how hard it can be selecting your correct foundation shade online. This is why we have created our Colour Swap Guarantee


    Q. Can I buy Thin Lizzy in store?


    Yes! Thin Lizzy is available in a variety of stores across New Zealand and Australia.


    New Zealand in store stockists of thin lizzy farmers life pharmacy unichem pharmacy chemist warehouse

    Q. Is Thin Lizzy a New Zealand brand?


    Thin Lizzy is a New Zealand owned and operated brand since 2005. Our Auckland based makeup chemist and team of specialists have spent years perfecting the Thin Lizzy range, trialing, testing and analyzing each product in order to create the phenomenon that is Thin Lizzy today.


    Q. Are TV offers available online and vice-versa?


    Unfortunately, Thin Lizzy TV commercial offers are exclusive TV ONLY offers. Thin Lizzy website offers and discounts are also ONLY redeemable online.


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