Infrared Ceramic Hair Conditioner

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Infrared Ceramic Hair Conditioner
Infrared Ceramic Hair Conditioner
Infrared Ceramic Hair Conditioner
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Thin Lizzy - Infrared Hair Dryer Benefits

Infrared Ceramic Hair Conditioner

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Ultimate Shine Conditioning Hair Dryer

How often do you use your hair dryer? Three times a week? Every day? Chances are you don’t really think about your hair dryer until it breaks, when you suddenly realise you can’t get by without it. You know how amazing a good hair day feels. Soft, silky, shiny salon-perfect hair. Your hairdresser can do it, but what about you?

Using a professional-quality hair dryer makes a huge difference to the way your hair looks and feels. Condition your hair as you dry it for salon results at home.

This hair dryer costs $299.99. Here’s why:

  • Regular hair dryers can lift up the hair cuticle, making hair look dry, damaged and frizzy
  • Thin Lizzy’s Ultimate Shine uses Infrared light to heat the hair gently from the inside out
  • Steams the hair dry instead of frying it, smoothing the cuticle flat for locked in moisture, colour & shine
  • Controls frizz and creates silky smooth hair instantly
  • Makes hair stronger and practically unbreakable
  • Prevents tangling and split ends
  • Repairs damaged hair and promotes healthy, glossy hair
  • Improves circulation in the scalp, preventing hair loss in the early stages
  • Cool shot function to seal the cuticle for long lasting hold and shine
  • Uses 40% less energy than other professional hair dryers while producing the same airflow and heat
  • Dries hair 25% faster
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Tested and trusted by professionals and satisfied customers

Show your hair some love with the Thin Lizzy Therapeutic Hair Dryer. It’s an investment in the health and beauty of your hair that will make every morning easier, giving you the look you want faster than ever before. For good hair days every day, you need this hair dryer.

How it works – the technical stuff:

  • Far infrared light technology uses twin deep penetrating infrared light to infuse gentle heat into the hair, making it stronger
  • Patented honeycomb-shaped heating element uses a ceramic core and silver coating to distribute heat evenly and with greater energy efficiency
  • Uses only 1380 watts of energy to produce the same amount of heat and airspeed as a 2000-watt professional hair dryer, a 40% energy saving for the same results
  • Gentle, thermal therapy stimulates scalp and cuticles, improving blood flow, preventing hair loss and repairing damaged and processed hair
  • Far infrared reduces drying time without harsh heat

This hair dryer can be yours for only 4 interest free payments of only $75.00 (fortnightly). That breaks down to just $5.36 a day. For the price of a coffee, you can have healthy, smooth shiny hair and enjoy good hair days every day.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today while stocks last! 😊

2 x Nozzle Adaptors.