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    Thin Lizzy's Shavers Collection

    Get the Best Shavers in New Zealand

    Welcome to Thin Lizzy's collection of premium shavers in New Zealand. Just as we prioritize skincare, we understand the importance of effortless grooming. That's why we've curated a selection of top-rated shavers to help you achieve just that. Whether you're in search of a lady shavers in NZ, a hair shaver, or the best women's electric shaver, you'll find the perfect solution here.

    best electric shaver nz

    Your Next Shaver Collection Starts Here

    Best Electric Shavers in NZ

    At our store, our collection features a range of carefully crafted shavers designed to cater to your grooming needs. Trust Thin Lizzy's Shaver Collection to provide you with the best shaver options available in New Zealand.

    Smooth, Silky Skin is Possible with Thin Lizzy Shavers

    Groom with Confidence - Best hair shaver in NZ

    Whether you're looking for a shaver for women or the best hair shaver in NZ, experience the benefits of our shavers, ensuring a smooth and gentle grooming experience, leaving your skin feeling silky and confident

    Join the Journey to Perfect Grooming with us

    Take a moment to explore our collection and see why Thin Lizzy is a trusted name in grooming solutions. We're all about simplicity, quality, and results, here to help you achieve your grooming goals. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional methods and hello to a more confident, groomed you with Thin Lizzy's top-notch hair shavers in New Zealand.

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    • Pro Tips

    • Before putting the lashes on, measure the length of the lash band against your eyes, if the lash band is longer than your eyes or you would prefer a smaller band, trim off a section ensuring that there is always a magnet on each end of the lash to avoid lifting in the corners.
    • Apply one coat on each eye along the lash line, then apply the 2nd coat, paying particular attention to the ends to ensure there is sufficient liner for maximum hold.
    • Align the inner and outer corners, before using your fingers to gently place them over the eyeliner along your lash line.
    • Avoid placing the lashes too close to the inner corner of the eye to ensure maximum comfort and hold.


    Is an electric shaver good for women?

    Yes, electric shavers are an excellent choice for women's grooming needs. They offer convenience and efficiency, especially with features designed for women like Thin Lizzy's lady shavers in New Zealand. These shavers cater to various grooming requirements, ensuring smooth and hassle-free experiences.

    Are electric shavers safe for pubic hair?

    Electric shavers can be used for pubic hair grooming, but it's crucial to choose a shaver designed for sensitive areas. Look for features like hypoallergenic blades and protective guards to minimize irritation. With careful use and the right equipment electric shavers provide a safe and effective way to groom pubic hair. Thin Lizzy epilators are safe to use anywhere on your body.

    Is an electric shaver better than waxing?

    The choice between electric shavers and waxing depends on personal preference. Electric shavers offer convenience and pain-free grooming at home, while waxing might provide longer-lasting results due to root hair removal. It's about aligning with your preferences and grooming goals. Thin Lizzy's electric shavers in New Zealand offer a convenient and pain-free hair removal option, allowing you to choose what suits you best.