Airbrush your body with Cover & Glow Makeup

With summer just around the corner, are you ready to shed your black tights and go bare-legged in the bright December sun? If you’ve got a fair complexion, the thought of dazzling the world with your pasty white limbs can be daunting. Even for those blessed with natural colour, revealing veins, stretch marks and cellulite can make a muumuu seem appealing. It’s not just your legs that come out in the warmer weather. Swimsuits, sleeveless tops and barely-there evening wear reveal a vast expanse of skin that’s been hiding under your winter woollies like a rice pudding in the cupboard.

Let’s face it: your skin NEEDS a summer pick me up!
There’s fake tan of course, which can be helpful to pale people - if it doesn’t go wrong. Unfortunately, the potential is always there for an orange, streaky disaster. Then there’s the brown hands, stained towels, sheets and clothes, and a distinctive smell that gives the game away. And while fake tan adds colour, it doesn’t cover flaws effectively. If you’ve got a darker skin tone, fake tan won’t be on your radar, but what can you do to make your body as beautiful as your face?

Thin Lizzy’s brand-new Body Perfector Cover & Glow Makeup is the solution. It’s like a self-tanner and body perfecting makeup in one! Blend a tiny amount of this highly concentrated cream over your legs, arms, décolletage or anywhere on your body and watch as blemishes, skin discolouration, uneven skin tone, age spots, veins, redness, scars, stretch marks, cellulite and even tattoos are blurred away, instantly.

Here’s why it’s special:
• Light, pleasant fragrance
• Glides smoothly over the skin
• Dewy, glowy, radiant finish
• Lightweight and buildable coverage
• Fast drying & long lasting (over 24-hours)
• Sweat & water proof
• Transfer & smudge resistant, doesn’t stain hands, clothes or sheets
• Blends easily over knees, ankles, feet – all the areas where fake tan goes patchy
• Mix a little with your foundation or use it instead of foundation for a bronzed glow that matches your body
• Even out tan lines or patches
• Four natural shades to enhance ever skin colour, from fair to dark.

Select a shade to create your desired look. Choose from an exact colour match for body perfecting, or a shade darker for a natural looking tan. The darker shades, Golden Glow & Tan Glow work well on lighter & darker skin tones for a rich, golden tan with a hint of shimmer. For best results, apply with the Blurring Brush.

Love Lizzy xox