Victoria’s Secret Look

Look like a lingerie model (from the neck up at least!) with this glamorous and easily achievable makeup look featuring all your favourite Thin Lizzy products.

  1. Start with Real Complexion Cream. Apply with a foundation brush over the entire face. Next, add Illuminating Primer to your t-zone and patted into your under-eye area.  It gives the perfect touch of glow right where you need it.
  2. For the eyebrows, use Brow Ready for colour and definition. It fills in sparse areas for a youthful, natural look.
  3. Next, Flawless Complexion Concealer Crème.  Apply over the entire upper lid, blending in with a flat brush.
  4. To give a touch of warmth to the eyes, use Triple Effect Eyeshadow Warm Collection in Whisper over the lids. To define the outer corners, use 6in1 Professional Powder in Dark, applying with a fluffy brush and blending inwards along the crease of the eye.
  5. Take the Duo Eye Pencil and apply the brown shade to the back of your hand. Using a fluffy brush, collect the product from your hand and blend it in along the crease of your eyelid and the outer corner of the eye.
  6. For glowing skin, combine Flawless Complexion Liquid Foundation with Illuminating Primer. Apply with a foundation brush and blending sponge over the entire face. It’s the perfect mix of cover and glow.
  7. Conceal under the eyes, around the nose, and anywhere else you want to perfect with Flawless Complexion Concealer Crème. Blend in with a flat brush or blending sponge.
  8. Use 6in1 Professional Powder in Dark to frame the face. Apply to the cheekbones and décolletage for a sun-kissed look you’ll love. Using a small shadow brush, work it in under the lower lash line, extending out at the corners of the eye.
  9. For the lips, go big! The Ultimate Pout Lip Kit in ‘My Obsession’ gives you the lips of your dreams without filler. Line your lips, then use the lipliner to shade the whole lip area. Use the lip brush to apply the lipstick, and then add the Lip Glaze over the top.
  10. To finish, spritz your face with Ready.Set.Go Setting Spray. Done!