No More Touch-Ups: How to Keep Your Makeup Lasting All-day

Does your makeup have commitment issues? Tired of it running away by noon? Wave farewell to those sneaky lunchtime touch-ups! In this all-inclusive guide, we'll reveal how to keep your makeup loyal and long-lasting. Get ready to maintain your flawless look! 


Understanding Your Skin Type for Long-Lasting Makeup 

Understanding your skin type is like knowing your coffee order—get it wrong, and your whole day’s off. Each skin type needs its own special blend, so identifying yours can make a big difference in how your makeup wears. Here are some tips: 


  • Oily Skin: Makeup slipping and sliding? Use oil-free and mattifying primers to keep things under control. 
  • Dry Skin: Feeling flaky? Hydrating foundations and avoiding powders will keep your skin smooth and your makeup in place. 
  • Combination Skin: A bit oily, a bit dry? Balance is key! Use different products for different areas for the perfect look. 


Preparing Your Skin for a Long Day of Wear 

Here’s how to prep your skin to ensure your makeup stays loyal through thick and thin (or humidity and tears). 

  • Cleanse: Wash away dirt and oils with a gentle cleanser to give your makeup a fighting chance. 
  • Moisturise: Use a lightweight moisturiser to create a smooth, hydrated base. 
  • Sunscreen: Don’t skip the SPF! It protects your skin and keeps your makeup from breaking down. 
    • Absorb: Give your skincare products a moment to sink in before you dive into your makeup routine.   


    Choosing the Right Products for Longevity 

    Now, let’s dive into the must-have products for a makeup look that lasts all day! 

    Primer Power: Think of primer as the foundation for your foundation. It smooths your skin, minimises pores, and sets the stage for a flawless look. Massage a pea-sized amount upward, focusing on areas prone to fading, and let it set for a minute before applying your foundation. 


    Foundation Tips:

    • Oily Skin: Opt for oil-free, mattifying foundations to keep shine in check. 
    • Dry Skin: Choose hydrating foundations that add a radiant glow. 
    • Combination Skin: Go for lightweight formulas that balance moisture without clogging pores. 


    Setting Powder: Lock in your foundation and concealer by lightly dusting the powder over your face. Focus on oily or crease-prone areas, using a fluffy brush with a pressing motion. This step ensures your makeup stays put and keeps shine and imperfections at bay. 


    Setting Spray: This is your makeup’s best friend for all-day wear. Setting spray seals your look, preventing fading and smudging while controlling oil and shine. It also helps blend makeup seamlessly and fixes any over-powdered areas for a natural finish. 


    Lipstick Tips: For long-lasting lip colour, start by exfoliating your lips. Outline with lip liner, fill in with lipstick, and choose matte or long-wearing formulas. Blot and reapply to lock in the colour for the day. 


    By using these products and techniques, you’ll ensure your makeup stays put from morning to night! Remember, if your makeup starts to wander, it’s just trying to find itself—like you did during that gap year. Stay fabulous and flawless!