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    Your Beauty Issues Solved

    Simple & Fast In-Home Treatment!

    Hannah L Verified Buyer

    5 Stars

    Love my Rejuderm!

    "Love my Rejuderm! I’ve suffered from cystic acne for 4 years. My acne & hyperpigmentation has improved drastically! Amazing! I want a second one incase anything happens to my current one. Love, love, love it!"

    Introducing! Rejuderm

    Combat Aging, Acne, Sun Damage & Blemishes

    • Improve Texture, Smoothness & Tone
    • No plastic surgery, Dr visits, or painful Injections
    • Minimises visual ageing
    • Reduces pore size
    • Tones and tightens face muscles

    The Secret is Photon Light Therapy!

    5 Proven Technologies

    1. Ultrasound Therapy: One of the most effective methods to fight the visible signs of ageing. Ultrasound waves create thermal energy that penetrates the layers of the skin, assisting in the regenerative process, it tones and tightens skin, lifting and it gives you the gift of younger looking skin 

    2. Iconic Therapy: Positive and negative Ionic therapy, brings fresh oxygen, blood and vital nutrients to your skins surface while giving your skin a fresh rejuvenated feeling.

    3. Galvanic Therapy: Improve facial contour tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin with a rejuvenated complexion  

    4. Micro Vibration: Utilizing vibrations at ten thousand RPMs to deeply massage each layer of the skin to increase circulation.

    5. Photon Therapy: Uses light treatment of three different wavelengths; red, blue and green. The lights are anti-aging for increasing collagen and also increase blood circulation to create soft, younger looking skin.

    Simple & Fast In-Home Treatment!

    See the Incredible Transformations!

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee!*

    If you’re not happy with your products for ANY reason, simply send them back to us within 30 days for a full refund less the cost of shipping and processing. *See return policy for details.

    Health & Safety Notice

    The Rejuderm is not suitable for pregnant women or people with some pre-existing medical conditions which include Skin Cancer, or have had radiation or chemotherapy in the past 3 months. We also recommend that you consult your doctor if you have any skin conditions or other existing medical conditions such as epilepsy or use active implants such as a pacemaker.

    • Read Real Reviews
    • Instructions for Use
    • Whats Included

    Suitable Areas: Rejuderm can be used on the forehead, corners of the mouth, T-Zone, areas of the body and anywhere that fine lines are present.

    Targeted Rejuvenation Techniques Forehead: Cheeks and Chin:We recommend starting with the lowest setting and increasing after a few uses, depending on your comfort level and skin sensitivity. Firmly stroke from the center outwards towards the hairline. Continue down around the face border as illustrated. 

    Eye and Nose Area: We recommend starting with the lowest setting and increasing after a few uses, depending on your comfort level and skin sensitivity.  

    Carefully avoid the sensitive eyelids area, continue to the nose area. Use straight, upward strokes following the curve of the nose and the line of the cheekbone towards the ears.

    Other Treatment Techniques: You may also use short circular or crisscross/diagonal motions around the eyes, mouth, chin and forehead, as shown

    Circular and cross-hatched (up/downward side to side) motions are more intense treatments than the simple upward strokes. We recommend you start with the upward strokes, as mentioned in the Targeted Rejuvenation Techniques. If your skin reacts well to that technique, you can then move on to using the short circular and crisscross/diagonal motions, as shown 

    • 1 x Rejuderm 5 in 1

    • 1 x Magnetic Charging Stand

    • 1 x USB Cable

    • 1 x Protective Goggles

    • 1 x User Manua


    What is Photon Therapy?

    Photon/Light therapy uses visible and infrared light which can penetrate the skin to a depth of about 8 to 10 mm. Once absorbed, the light energy is converted to cellular energy, stimulating the body's natural processes on a cellular level and kicking off a whole series of metabolic events, including:

    • Increased circulation and the formation of new capillaries.

    • Increased lymph system activity.

    • Increased production of collagen and fibroblasts.

    • Increased release of ATP, or raw cellular energy.

    • Increased phagocytosis, or cellular clean up.

    • Tissue granulation stimulated.

    • Inflammation reduced.

    How does ultrasonic galvanic spa help?

    Ultrasonic and galvanic spa (micro current, secure micro current) assists active ingredients of serum to penetrate deeply into the skin and meet different needs and solve different skin problems accordingly.

    What are the common benefits of using Rejuderm?

    Rejuderm is the latest new tech beauty device for personal home use, which:

    • Helps penetrate deep into the skin to increase essential fluid flow

    • Helps reduce wrinkles and tighten, lift and lighten dull skin

    • Helps appease scar, texture, fine lines

    • Helps reduce acne, and saggy skin.

    Can I use Rejuderm to treat my whole body or just my face?

    Yes! Your Rejuderm Home Kit is not just limited to the treatment of your face or neck. There are many areas of the body that can benefit from Rejuderm. The most common areas include the face, body, hands, arms and legs.

    How soon will I see some improvement?

    Very positive results can be seen in as little as the first treatment. Skin responsiveness varies between individuals, but many people will see visible results after the very first treatment, and continued improvement over time.

    You can boost results with a balanced diet along with the use of homemade masks

    How often should I use Rejuderm for optimal results?

    This depends on your skin condition. The general guideline is every 2 days for ongoing maintenance and as often as desired for special occasions.

    I am a beginner, what do you suggest I do the first time I use Rejuderm?

    For first timers use it the lowest level until your skin gets accustomed to the treatment.

    What if I cannot feel the micro current?

    This depends on your skin condition. Some can feel even at a low level, some can feel it at mid or high levels. Make sure your skin is clean and NOT oily, and most importantly, make sure your hand touches the conductive bar on the 2 sides of the device when holding Rejuderm in your hands.