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    6-in-1 Professional Powder

    Replaces 6 different make up must haves into one single compact - it's a blusher, a bronzer, an eye shadow, a face framer, a contour and a lip colour.

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    Flawless Complexion Liquid Foundation

    A revolutionary liquid foundation with the perfect consistency to build and blend for your own desired coverage.

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    Compact Mineral Foundation

    A true mineral cosmetic, with just a handful of key ingredients and completely free from any preservatives, perfumes, fillers or heavy waxes.

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    Loose Mineral Foundation

    Each micronized mineral sits gently on the surface of the skin, giving a luminous, flawless finish that allows skin to naturally breathe.

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    Loose Airbrush Veil Powder

    This lightweight translucent powder will provide you with a luminous, light enhancing glow without the shine.

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    Precision Liquid Eyeliner

    The Thin Lizzy Precision Liquid Eyeliner guides smoothly for defined and precise lines.

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    Concealer Creme

    Thin Lizzy Concealer Crème instantly hides a multitude of difficult complaints, including blemishes, dark circles, discolouration, birth marks and even tattoos!

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    Instant Brush Cleaner

    Introducing the Thin Lizzy Instant Brush Cleaner – the incredibly fast, easy and effective way to clean AND completely dry all of your makeup brushes… ready to use instantly!

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